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Research group:  Signal Theory and Communications (TSC-UNIOVI)

Dept. of Electrical Engineering  /    University of Oviedo

(TSC-UNIOVI official web)

Research lines
Graphene + THz Imaging
Drone tech + imaging & RF applications

Inverse scattering and imaging for non-destructing testing & security
Human exposure to electromagnetic fields
EM medical Imaging  /  NF focusing (hyperthermia) / Bio signal processing
Reflectarrays, transmitarrays, lenses
RFID and localization



Microwave -subm-THz integrated subsystems
Antenna measurement techniques and diagnostics
Research facilities

Antenna & imaging measurement facilities

Satellite Tracking Station at UNIOVI
Electromagnetic emissions measurement
Test and measurement of RF/microwave/millim/submillim/THz circuits
Structuring and prototyping of circuits and antennas
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