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Antennas and sensors, electromagnetic imaging, radar, microwaves, THz, artificial magnetic conductors, graphene, radio coverage, signal processing, sensor networks, localization, GNSS, 
earth observation, satellite tracking, human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Expertise and Capacities

  • Inverse scattering techniques (Electromagnetic Imaging) with applications to security and safety (standoff and body scanners and THz cameras, sensor networks ), mine detection, medical imaging, industrial inspection, inspection of artworks in museums.

  • Diagnostic techniques and near-field characterization with application to characterization of antennas and dosimetry for human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

  • Antenna and scattering measurement setup design.

  • Design, fabrication and measurement of antennas, AMC 's, and transmitarrays, reflectarrays.

  • Non-linear devices and graphene-based devices.

  • Devices and systems with applications to telecommunications and space systems from microwaves to THz bands.

  • Techniques for RFID - sensor networks -GPS with application to logistics, location and identification in complex environments. Facilities for characterizing sensor networks.

  • Theory and techniques of signal processing and optimization with multi-sector applications.

  • Techniques and facilities for Earth Observation (EO) from satellites with applications to environment, climate change, agriculture, land and marine natural resources, energy resources. Managing a satellite tracking station (ESSUO). Processing EO data

  • Radio planning and communication networks for outdoor and indoor coverage applications.

  • Multisectoral applications (telecommunications, space, security, medical, localization, art, environment and climate change, energy and offshore platforms, ..)

  • Dosimetry and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields

Existing relevant equipment (

  • Design tools (EM software tools)

  • Fabrication (mechanical milling, laser structuring, 3D printers, ..) facilities.

  • Measurement facilities (anechoic chambers, VNAs, extended mixers, generators, ..), for antenna, active and passive devices in RF-mm-subm-THz bands and electromagnetic imaging.
  • ESSUO satellite tracking station

Description of research lines

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