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Research results

1. Rafael G. Ayestarán, Fernando Las-Heras., Real Antenna Array Synthesis Using a Combination of Equivalent Source Reconstruction and Radial Basis Neural Networks. Pp. 48-55; in Neural Network Engineering Experiences. Edited by: J. Fernández, D. Tsapsinos (Ed.), Ed. Univ. Málaga, Málaga 2003, ISBN: 84-930984-1-8. (2003)
2. Rafael González-Ayestarán and Fernando Las-Heras; Support Vector Regression for the Modeling and Synthesis of Antenna Arrays. Pp. 399-422, in Intelligent Systems: Techniques and Applications. Edited by: Hines, Leeson, Martínez-Ramón, Pasto, Llober, Iliescu, Yang – SHAKER, The Netherlands; ISBN: 978-90423-0345-4. (2008)
3. Javier Gutiérrez-Meana, José Á. Martínez-Lorenzo & Fernando Las-Heras. High Frequency Techniques: the Physical Optics Approximation and the Modified Equivalent Current Approximation (MECA), in Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter/ Book 2, ISBN 978-953-307-445-0. Edited by: Ahmed Kishk. Hard cover, 292 pages, July 2011, 11 chapters.  Publisher: InTech, July 2011, Intech Open Access Publisher. Chapter and book web pages: current-appr ;  ,  (2011)
4. E. De Cos, F. Las-Heras. Troubleshooting RFID tags problems with metallic objects using metamaterials, in Current Trends and Challenges in RFID. ISBN 978-953-307-356-9, Hard cover, 502 pages, Edited by: Cornel Turcu Intech Open Access Publisher. July 2011. Pp.171-186, Chapter and book web pages:;, (2011).

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